A British born girl that was taken to Nigerian by her paternal grandmother without her mother’s permission has been found. The kidnapped child, Lily was missing for about a week and her mother took to Twitter to campaign and solicit support to help find her missing daughter. Her efforts yielded the needed results as the news was well covered by Nigerian online media and resulted to the arrest of the woman who took the child to Nigeria secretly.

According to the mother, Temmy Moronke, her mother traveled to Port Harcourt where she went to pick up her daughter from the father’s family. In the picture above is Lily, her maternal grandmother, and popular Nigerian music artist, Tuface Idibia. Temmy said she was able to talk to her daughter after she was picked up by her mother.

Temmy Moronke said she has been the sole carer of her daughter since she was born. According to her, the father asked her to go for abortion when she was pregnant but she refused. And Lily was taken away by her paternal grandmother after she (Moronke) allowed her to stay at her place when she went on a visit to the UK.

See Temmy Moronke’s tweets concerning the British-Nigerian incident below.

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Image shared on Twitter by Temmy Moronke

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