Who says Kim Kardashian is not a mega celebrity? When the mother of one posed nude for Paper Magazine, even with just the release of his backside, she broke the internet as almost everyone had something to say about it. There were condemnations and applauds for the reality TV star’s daring photo-shoot.

But when English-born Australian singer, model and actress Sophie Monk who is of similar age with Kim did the same thing for Playboy magazine, the reversed seemed to be the case as no one is talking about her all revealing pose. Her frontal shots looks even more scandalous than that of Kim, but no one seemed to care. Everyone is pretending like it was a normal shoot.

The 34-year-old posed completely nude -full frontal for Playboy Plus. Three years ago, the model turned down a $1million offer to take off her clothes and swore she’ll never pose for the men’s magazine. But she seems to have changed her mind as this last job contradicts the promise she made then. Justifying why she made a change of heart, she said she did it to have a reminder of her ‘hot’ body for when she’s ‘fat with saggy boobs’.

See some photos from the scandalous Playboy shoot below.

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Photo Credit: Sophie Monk Instagram.

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