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Black Friday UK: Frenzy, Fighting, Pushing, Police Called To Restore Order


The rush to buy extremely reduced stuffs at todays Black Friday sales in the UK has resulted to chaos and frenzy as most shops became heavily jammed packed resulting to violence, with people pushing and falling.

Some were seen dragging and falling over extreme bargains they were not ready to let go as there were limited numbers available.

A tweet by the Manchester police advising people to keep calm said two persons were already arrested. Most shopping malls had police presence as they called upon to help restore order to the chaos and violence taking place in a majority of the shops.

According to reports and images from a Tesco store in Western Avenue, Cardiff – several police cars were called to come rescue the situation as it is alleged a fight broke out between shoppers and the shop had to go on a temporary halt in order to deal with the disputes before resuming sales.

The UK Daily Mail has an extensive report about the days events. See more photos below.

A_lone_shop_assistant_hands_out_Seiki_and_Polaroid_televisions A_man_is_one_of_the_first_shoppers_through_the_door_at_Asda_4 A_shopper_is_taken_aback_when_perusing_cut_price_electrical_good black-friday-uk black-friday-uk-fighting black-friday-uk-fighting-cheap-sales black-friday-uk-fighting-cheap-sales-police-cardiff black-friday-uk-fighting-cheap-sales-police-held-needed black-friday-uk-fighting-crushing black-friday-uk-fighting-pushing Chaos_erupted_at_another_Asda_store_in_north_London_where_hundred Cheerleaders_keep_crowds_going_at_the_Wembley_store_in_north_London Cherrelle_Welch_in_north_London_with_her_40in_HD_Polaroid_television Crushed_A_woman_is_pushed_to_the_ground_as_another_screams_while Hundreds_of_people_push_through_the_doors_of_Asda_in_Wembley_afrocosmopolitan Hundreds_of_people_push_through_the_doors_of_Asda_in_Wembley_afrocosmopolitan-5 Hundreds_of_people_swarmed_the_store_in_Cardiff_to_take_advantage In_shocking_scenes_shoppers_were_seen_pushing_and_fighting_one_black-friday-sales-uk In_shocking_scenes_shoppers_were_seen_pushing_and_fighting_one_black-friday-sales-uk-2 In_shocking_scenes_shoppers_were_seen_pushing_and_fighting_one_black-friday-uk Leoni_Welsh_lies_underneath_the_popular_40in_television_in_Asda


Shoppers_scramble_to_pick_up_one shocking-scenes-people-fighting-over-goods-black-friday-uk-2014 shocking-scenes-black-friday-uk-2014 Several_police_cars_were_called_to_a_Tesco_store_in_Western_AvenueTensions_flare_between_at_Wembley_as_cheerleaders_dance_in_the-storemanchester-black-friday

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