Black Fashion Week with Senegal-Born Designer Ndiaye in Paris

A lot of Africans are going far with amazing talents in fashion and creativity. And Adama Ndiaye is one of them. The Senegal-born designer, based in Paris has organized Black Fashion Week (BFW) which took place in the city of Light last weekend.

The talented designer decided to change the conception of lack of diversity in fashion as it has been written in articles. She went on to create the Black Fashion Week event that will have promotion beyond African borders. Designers who are well-known in Africa or in their country but who do not have access to the global market will have the chance to do that through Black Fashion Week Paris.

According to Ndiaye, she wanted most of the models to be blacks, it was also an occasion to get on the catwalk since most of the shows look for more expensive white models.”

While the Paris edition was the debut of Black Fashion Week, the inaugural edition of the fashion week was held last year in Prague. Ndiaye is taking her show on the road, with BFWs scheduled for Montreal and Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

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What do you think about this trend that is helping to shape and promote African fashion across the globe? From Africa Fashion Week London to New York and several other cities, the trend has kept on growing and the African print fabric has taken the centre and become more and more accepted.

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