Bill Cosby On Fire New Rape Allegations Surface

Bill Cosby is currently on fire as new rape allegations against him have surfaced. The latest to accuse the comedian of rape assault is American model and television host, Janice Dickinson.

Speaking about when Cosby drugged and assaulted her, Dickinson said, “After dinner in my room, he had given me wine and a pill and the next morning when I woke up I wasn’t wearing my pyjamas. I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man.”

According to her, the last thing she remembered after being drugged was seeing Cosby dropping his robe and climbing on top of her. “I remember a lot of pain”.

She went on to say she was driven to a life where she was trying to hurt herself because the feelings of rape that has been unresolved in her life.

Bill Cosby has refused to comment or make any statement about the accusations that has been levelled against him. However, his attorney has issued a statement in the weekend where he stated his client was not going to dignifying responding to a “decade-old, discredited claims of sexual abuse with a response”.

The new allegations started after American comedian, Hannibal Buress repeated called Cosby out accusing him of being a rapist during a show and the footage went viral.

“Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches. I’ve done this bit on stage and people think I’m making it up…. when you leave here, Google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ That sh** has more results than ‘Hannibal Buress.”

Barbara Bowman has also accused Cosby of abusing her in an article she wrote for the Washington Post earlier this month. In the article, she asked why it took 30 years for people to believe she was raped by the comedian.

“Why wasn’t I believed?” she asked. “Why didn’t I get the same reaction of shock and revulsion when I originally reported it?”

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