Hello young mums, have you considered wearing matching fashion with your little while you still can? Kids grow so fast and playing ‘twinnie’ fashion with your little girl by wearing matching outfits is a very beautiful thing and moment for a mother to share with her daughter. Both of you will love looking at those memorable times when they’re all grown.

Pop icon and mother of one, Beyonce Knowles knows this too well and have shared several beautiful mum and I moments with her daughter Blue Ivy. Whether they’re attending a red carpet or casual event, on holiday in Paris, on a family day out or just on a normal day out, Beyonce have shared many mini-me moments with her daughter. Check them all out below.

Check them all out below and you can learn one or two things from their matching fashion style to inspire you for your own unique ‘twinning’ fashion with your little girl.

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Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy were totally ‘twinning’ in this beautiful floral outfits by Gucci while spending time in Paris.

While they are not exact copies, they are coordinated and matched each other’s outfit. Beyoncé was wearing a Francesco Scognamiglio fall 2016 couture while Blue Ivy was seen rocking a complementary tulle”Grand Royalle” dress by Mischka Aoki at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

Here, the Carter girls are rocking pieces floral from Dolce & Gabbana. Beyonce’s Dolce & Gabbana floral dress cost $1,495 while Ivy Blue bloomers and dress set is $390. Mother and daughter wore the attire while on a family outing with Jay-z where they visited Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby” art installation in New York City.

Stilling on their ‘twinning’ game, Beyonce and Blue Ivy are seen wearing can also a crisp white summer dress as they share a beautiful mother and daughter moment together.

Here, mum and daughter are seen rocking their matching fashion again in Gucci embroidered denim jackets. The duo wore the outfits while posing for a cute video that was on posted on Instagram by Beyonce.


Beyonce and Blue Ivy took their mother-daughter matching fashion to the sea as the duo were seen wearing matching animal print swimwears while on a boat.


Still on their ‘twinning’ matching fashion, the American pop star and her 4-year-old daughter turned up in ‘mini me’ outfit. Mother and daughter were seen rocking a Gucci custom bright yellow, silk, embroidered jackets at a Dallas Cowboys game. Both jackets were emblazoned with a ‘B’ on the chest.

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