When you go to register a domain name, you are presented with a lot of various options to choose from, such as .com – the most popular – and .net. There are also various types that can be used by certain groups, such as .gov domain names or names ending in .edu. As mentioned, however, .com names remain the most popular in the United States by a wide margin. Are they really the best, or should you be looking in a different direction if you are interested in private domain registration services?

For the most part, they truly are the best. For one thing, they can be used in almost any industry or any niche. No matter what type of site you want to run – maybe it is for your business, maybe it is for your personal blog, or maybe you want to start an online community – you can choose this ending, and it will fit. This versatility also allows your site to grow and change without your feeling like you need to register a brand new name.

Of course, the fact that they are the most popular also plays into your favor. This is the ending that people expect to see, that they will be most likely to search for if they include a URL in their search. In many ways, it is also the type of site that they are most likely to click on if it shows up in the search results. They are used to seeing it and they trust it. This can be big when it comes to getting those initial hits.

There are some ways in which other endings can be used. Some people have used them in a creative fashion, making the ending part of the name, as if the entire URL was one word. If your company has a name that ends with the right two or three letters, you could consider doing this. The big upside is that doing so is both interesting and memorable. That can help you with hits.

To some degree, though, doing that is a bit tacky, and it can be seen as a cheap trick to get views. If you go with a .com URL, you don’t run into any of this negativity. You give people what they want and what they expect, you don’t encounter any stipulations about what your site has to be like, and the domain names are easy to find.

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