Check out these 25 trendy bell and flute sleeve dresses. A lot of people do not pay attention to the style of sleeves on their outfit. It is an element the often overlook in an outfit. Statement sleeves can brighten up your outfit and make it more stylish than you’ll have.

For the African print lovers, just know that you can make all of these outfits with ankara. Depending on the style, you can use the classic ankara fabric or the more soft and flowy ankara chiffon fabric. Below are AfroCosmopolitan fashion’s 25 top trendy bell and flute sleeve dresses that you can rock. Check them all out and find the ones the suit your body, style and personality.

You can adapt all of these styles to suit you. You can use different fabric like ankara, lace, chiffon and much more. You can change the length as well as several other features. It all depends on how creative you can be.

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Outfit 1

This red dress with bell sleeves is chic and will look great on many ladies. You can belt it and wear a statement neck piece like the fashionista above have done.

Outfit 2

This is a Miriam flute sleeve dress in Santorini navy By Motel. This short print dress is a 70s inspired statement piece. The stylish dress features a plunging lace up neck line. It is a loose shift fit and has long flute sleeves. You can style this dress up by pairing with a pair of platform heels and some statement accessories for the perfect retro inspired look for summer.

Outfit 3

This is a very trendy and stylish bell sleeve mini dress made with checkered fabric. This gorgeous dress can be worn with heels or sneakers for a very casual look.

Outfit 4

This is another bell sleeve dress made with a checkered fabric. The white and blue dress is embellished with white lace cutouts.

Outfit 5

Brightly coloured floral flute sleeve mini dress with a belt and a plunging neck. You can style up and style down this dress for different occasions.

Outfit 6

A dark and brightly coloured floral dress with bell sleeves.

Outfit 7

A gorgeous bell sleeve dress for a special occasion.

Outfit 8

This embellished nude colour flute sleeve dress will look good on many women and can be worn to weddings, cocktails and several other special occasions.

Outfit 9

This yellow floral dress with flute sleeve will brighten up your style. The sleeves on the dress are super wide and you can style it up or down for different outings.

Outfit 10

Oasis flute sleeve dress.

Outfit 11

This is a Warehouse high neck flute sleeve dress.

Outfit 12

This is a gorgeous red mini dress with fluted sleeves.

Outfit 13

Multi coloured floral print flute sleeve dress.

Outfit 14

Another gorgeous bell sleeve dress with off the shoulder neck and a side slit. You can wear this dress to a red carpet event, a birthday party, a get-together party and similar events. The bell sleeves on this dress are super wide.

Outfit 15

This flute dress is great for a casual outing. Wear it while shopping, on a picnic, on a city tour, to visit a friend or for a walk. You can also wear it to work if your company does not demand some kind of corporate dressing. To make it more subtle for work, wear a tight under it.

Outfit 16

This sheer lace flute sleeve short dress is very versatile and can be worn at many occasions. The dress has a turtle neck and a black lining that was not used on the sleeves, making it transparent to enable you to show off your arms.

Outfit 17

This is a lovely black and white floral bell sleeve dress. This short dress can be worn to attend a cocktail party. You can wear it to several other outings. It all depends on the kind of shoes and other accessories that you pair it with.

Outfit 18

This is a lovely pink dress with bell sleeves.

Outfit 19

A bell sleeve mini dress made with a sheer lace fabric.

Outfit 20

This black and white floral flute sleeve dress is simple but chic. Matching it with the right accessories can do a lot of magic to how this dress will look on you.

Outfit 21

This is a stylish bell sleeve dress with a lace top and a sheer skirt. You can wear this dress as a wedding guest, to a red carpet event and much more.

Outfit 22

This is a shirt dress with flute sleeve. It can be worn as a casual outfit as well as a semi formal attire to several kinds of events and get together. You can pair it with heels, flats and sneakers for the appropriate occasion.

Outfit 23

This is a maxi dress with bell sleeves. This gown can be worn as a wedding guest, to a red carpet event and much more.

Outfit 24

Outfit 25

This black lace bell sleeve dress is a perfect dress for a cocktail party. But you can wear it to several other outings by choosing the right shoes and other accessories to compliment it for the intended occasion.

What do you think about these bell and flute sleeve dresses? Did you find something you can wear? Which of them would you like to see in an ankara African print fabric?

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