Beauty Fix: 4 Easy Tips For Common Beauty Problems


St. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Don’t be a last minute birdie trying to get rid of that spot that appeared on Valentines morning!

Our Beauty Editor has rounded up a few beauty fixes just in time for your romantic Valentines day/night. Below are our 4 easy tips for common beauty problems.

1. Honey And Oats


Sounds so yummy right? This will work wonders on your face as a mask detoxifying any pigmentation and blemishes. Do this at least once every two weeks for softer, smoother and a brighter skin.

2. Go Matte!

Is NizzCosmectics the new MAC? It could be! Try out their amazing range of brightly coloured beautiful lipsticks to finish off that V-day outfit you spent hours trying to find.

3. Serum Up!

We all know the importance of serum –ing. It helps to give your face that glow that has been lacking as well as helping your moisturiser set well on your face without making you look all greasy. Try the Lancome Visionnaire Cx night time serum it’s amazing!

4. Fake Is The New Real!
Sometimes, all these amazing brands that sell Brazilian weave etc are just too much for our pockets. Kali Hair and Batik are amazing brands that sell synthetic weave, which works just as well as human hair. To maintain, just keep a small spray bottle of conditioner and water, and spray away daily.

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Photos: Thathealthyfeeling | Lancome USA |Greenparenthood |Greenbrideguide

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