A new awards ceremony has been launched to celebrate the millions of unsung women who go unnoticed or acknowledged for the selfless work they do each day. The Amazing Women Awards is the brainchild of Croydon resident, Roz Thornton, business coach and trainer. The inaugural ceremony will be held over Afternoon Tea on Saturday 18th March, at the prestigious Grange Wellington Hotel, Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PA.

“After 20 years working at the grass roots with communities in London, I learned that we still live in an unequal society and women are still bearing the brunt of it. This event may just positively change someone’s life!” Thornton explained.

Amazing Women Awards is to recognise the achievements of women all over the country who’ve achieved something against the odds. Women who’re passionate about a cause, battled against adversity, constantly helping others or simply a great mother.

It’s for all those women tirelessly working away in the background, perhaps started a successful business or charity single-handedly. This is their turn to shine.

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“We want people to nominate a special woman for this amazing award and let them know the impact they are having on others”, continues, Roz.

“It could be your partner, sister, mother, niece, aunt, cousin, best friend, colleague, neighbour or acquaintance. Let them know how you feel, make their day and nominate them now! This will encourage them to continue, inspire others and go on to do even greater things!”

Nominations are open until 15 February for any of the 5 categories below.

  • Amazing woman
  • Amazing mum
  • Amazing woman in business
  • Amazing young woman
  • Lifetime achievement

The event is being supported by a group of women who themselves have achieved great things in their areas of expertise, including award-winning coach Jenny Garrett, who said: “I am delighted to be a speaker for the Amazing Women Awards, this prestigious event will shine a spotlight on those women who are not often recognised, but are doing amazing things.”

Jenny will be joined by singer Kerry O’Dowd, Empowerment Speaker, Christine Giscombe, Community Activist, Kate Parsley and many others.

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