Atiti Sosimi wants women to reclaim their power. She is an advocate for women in business and says she “wants women to reclaim their power”. The multi-award winning African woman successfully manages and combines her family life comprising of 6 children, running a fashion label, writing books, inventing, producing, as well as selling the Shhh or Tell it board game. She is a lecturer in Higher Education and mentors business owners to become award winners. Sosimi encourages women to believe and achieve in life and in business. She has been running successful businesses for over 20 years.

Her luxury accessories label, Eyato was launched in January 2013 – after years of designing and creating shoes, handbags and coats for herself and close friends. Eyato is a Yoruba (a South-Western Nigerian language) word that means “Distinct from any other, Different, or to stand out”. Eyato creates a range of sophisticated and unique pieces that are handmade and customised to the client’s needs.

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Shhh or Tell it presents life-like dilemma scenarios which require each player to consider how they would tackle each dilemma, and decide to either Shhh or Tell the scenario within 15 seconds. By having to make a choice players become reflective of how they deal with similar dilemmas in their real lives. Shhh or Tell it soon became more than a family board game and has been used as a team building exercise in corporate settings and for student character development programs in schools. The board game also has a Facebook app called Shhh or Tell which allows users to share their own real-life dilemmas with friends, app users or family.

Atiti is passionate about women reclaiming their power and finding their voice in business and in life.

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