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16 Ways To Wear Ankara Pleated Skirts With Crops Top

Chest out the best ways to rock ankara pleated skirts with crop tops. For sometime now, pleated skirts have been one of the biggest trends in fashion, so as the crop top. And there are a variety of styles and designs made with African print. Weather you’re looking for that elegant pleated skirt, or that short pleated skirt to show off your gorgeous legs, there are lots of inspirations from African print fashionista lovers to steal some ideas from.

While the ankara pleated skirts with crop tops style can be very stylish and trendy, it is intimidating for some other women. If you would like to rock this very chic look and know how to combine it with your body structure to create that very elegant look for yourself, this post will help you out. It will help you to see the many ways other women are rocking and combining the ankara pleated skirt crop top look.

We have put together 16 photos of different women rocking ankara pleated skirts with crop tops. These photos will help you with the needed inspiration to create your own unique look. You can tailor your outfit to look exactly like one of theirs. You can also combine different styles and looks to make your own unique creation. Just take a look at the 16 photos of fashionistas rocking ankara pleated skirts with crop tops below – and get some inspiration for your own outfit. Good luck!!!

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