Here are the 12 ankara cocktail dresses you should take a look at right now and add one or more to your wardrobe. The ankara fabric has come to stay and many fashionistas are loving it as they can use it for outfits that can be worn to almost any type of occasion. Whether you’re looking for a piece to wear a cocktail party, a wedding event, a corporate event, a birthday party or any other celebrations and gatherings, the ankara African print fabric is suitable for them all.

Below are 17 ankara cocktail dresses that you should be taking a look at and making sure you add one or more of them to your wardrobe. As a true cocktail party demands, these cocktail dresses are knee length, they are playful and sits between casual and formal party dresses.

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Ankara Cocktail Dress 1

In the photo above, top Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke Linus is wearing a beautiful ankara dress that’s perfect for a cocktail party.

Ankara Cocktail Outfit 2

This beautiful ankara wrap dress is per is perfect for every cocktail party. A very easy dress to dress up and down to fit many casual and semi-formal gatherings.

Ankara Cocktail Gown 3

This one shoulder dress is perfect for a cocktail party and can be dressed up to wear to a more formal event.

Ankara Cocktail Outfit 4

This ankara pleated dress is chic and is great to wear to a cocktail party.

Ankara Cocktail Outfit 5

This is another beautiful ankara dress perfect for a cocktail party.

Ankara Cocktail Dress 6

Cocktail Outfit 7

Cocktail Outfit 8

Cocktail Outfit 9

Cocktail Outfit 10

Ankara Cocktail Outfit 11

Cocktail Outfit 12

Cocktail Outfit 13

Cocktail Outfit 14

Ankara Cocktail Outfit 15

Cocktail Outfit 16

Cocktail Outfit 17

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