Africa Fashion Week London 2016 will be taking place on September 9th and 10th at Olympia in London. The two day event that was launched in 20111 will see many African designers and African inspired designs showcase their collections. Two designers that will be having models strut the runway with their pieces at the event are Lueji and Modern Heritage. Below are the profile of the two fashion brands.


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Lueji is a developing womenswear brand, made specifically to empower women and produce good quality clothing. Most of the materials and fabrics used to make the clothing are synthetic fibres as they provide a longer wear and can look and feel just as luxurious as silk or wool.

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The brand tries to take the biggest trends and transform it into something unique and new, so that it is recognised for being different and not as just another store with the same or similar clothing to the trends as its competitors.

Modern Heritage

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Modern Heritage LLP is an online fashion label that embraces essential elements of traditional wear and transforms it into fashion forward designs.

The company was founded 3 years ago by Maureen Weah and Privilege Saungweme; two recent graduates from Aston University, both with African heritage (Ghana and Zimbabwe). We believe in ‘’Merging Traditional and Contemporary Designs’’, meaning that our designs are both fashion forward and deeply rooted in tradition, culture, etc.

Creativity is our passion, not just with textiles and the design itself, but in ensuring that the end product always symbolizes something new.

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