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African Migrant Riches

When pulled together, African migrant riches could go a long way in lifting up the economy of the continent. Over the years, A lot of African immigrants have bee using the service of Western Union, Moneygram and other similar money transfer agents to send home part of the money they earn and save.

Undoubtedly, there are so many African migrants across the west. They range from all works of life. According to top economists, if the money made by migrants from Nigeria, one thirdGhana and Kenya are pulled together. It could go a long way in lifting up the economy of the continent.It is estimated that about $10 billion can be saved from African diaspora (African Migrant Riches).

This one-third of the amount estimated by World Bank top economist, Dilip Rath ($30 billion). In his words, “We don’t know whether African diaspora members would only want to invest 10, 20 or 50% of their total savings,” he says. “The estimate we’ve put together is an underestimate — the true size of savings that diaspora members have is probably significantly larger.”

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  1. We all know it trickle down.

  2. Very true! African migrants have contributed hugely to the development of the continent.

  3. It is well known fact, even though some may disagree to belittle the contributions Africans in diaspora have made over the years!!!

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    Of course African migrants has contributed a lot to the African continent through their remittances and support for African entertainers!!!

  5. My biggest rgeret in life would be to be sitting in a hospital bed looking back and thinking I made a lot of money, ate at a lot of restaurants, and lived a comfortable suburban life. I describe a life worth living as one that is not comfortable, but challenging and one that pushes you just beyond what you think you can accomplish by your own abilities. Sign me up. I’m ready to be challenged.

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