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From looking at the latest trends in afro hair 2014, it is clear that there is a general sense of nostalgia and a lot of “going back to one’s roots” by a preference of more ethnic hair styles, be it a weave on, extensions or natural. For the women; styles range from thin to thick twists, box braids, tight top buns, asymmetric highlighted bobs with side partings and shaven sides, to short nappy weaves, medium weaves with loose outward curls as well as afro weaves with tight ringlets. With regards to the men, the look is more about close and curly shaves, short tight curls, Mohawks, cane rows, nappy head, dreadlocks and completely clean shaven, just to name a few styles that keep coming back into fashion.

What is the concept behind the new trends?

It is very clear to see that the objective is to move away from the summer trend to expose the roots and more towards keeping them in for protection against the winter. Not only is this a great way to strengthen and grow the hair, but it also saves you the effort of relaxing frequently or straightening if you get caught in the rain or snow. Furthermore, if you have to commute a long distance to work, styling will take a few minutes.

For those that tend to travel a lot abroad, these latest trends will save you from carrying hair tools as extra weight, as well as the hassle of incompatible hair appliance plugs to switches once you arrive at your destination. If at any point and for whatever reason you do one day find yourself in any of the 10 fashion capital cities (below in alphabetical order), with a hair emergency or in dire need of hair products, this guide will help you.

Since Europe has different etiquette when it comes to appointments, be sure to call ahead first so you know if you have to make an appointment or not. That will save you transport costs and wait time than if you decide to just show up and they are busy. Please also bear in mind that English might not be spoken so you might need to speak the bare minimum of the language, use a dictionary or ask a bilingual companion to translate.
Where about in Europe? How to get there and Why?

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Afro Hair Care In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The choices are unlimited if you have to be in central Amsterdam. You are bound to find something along Albert Cuypt Straat and where they have the famous market and it is also a very lively multiracial neighborhood. For cheaper hairdressers opt for Amsterdam Zuidoost, because there you have more hair shops in one place as well as salons that you can compare prices. Take the metro or train from Centraal station to Amsterdam Zuidoost (Bijlmaar). Be warned, in the Netherlands, most people prefer it if you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the appointment as a matter of courtesy and arriving late is frowned upon. The Netherlands thrives in art, afro-Caribbean cuisine and has a reputation for being liberal and tolerant with its approach to soft drugs, homosexuality, the red light district and much more.

Afro Hair Care In Athens, Greece

If you have not tasted “dolmades, tzatsiki, feta, hummus, pita bread, kofta, gyros, kalamata olives, ouzo “….. (The list goes on). You are doing your taste buds an injustice! Greece has been marred by the economic crisis and strikes but its beauty is resilient. It still thrives and sustains a healthy population of immigrants that help to keep the country turning around. Kypseli seems to be exactly where you would need to be if you are in search of honey, metaphorically or literally. The name means “beehive” and this name and its origin are self-explanatory.

Afro Hair Care In Barcelona, Spain

There are only about 5 Afro hairdressing salons in Barcelona centre. Marem is one of maybe about 4 in the city centre and she is based in Carrer Floridablanca number 7. Take the L3 Metro to Plaza Espana and walk there or take the train to Barcelona Sants and take a taxi.
For a wider assortment and hair products, you need to go to Carrer Prinsesa 14 to Alifa cosmetics and hair shop. Take the L4 metro Jaime or the R2 train to Estacion Francia.

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Another hair salon is Samvina in Carrer Viladomat 1.  Just around the corner from her, you will find Hamza Hair shop. This is a bigger shop than Alifa but price wise Alifa is more economical and the staff is more helpful and knowledgeable. Alifa stays open all day and is in the vibrant, artsy Born district reminiscent of Soho in London. Barcelona itself is rich in art, fashion and architecture as well as multi-culture and religion.

Afro Hair Care In Berlin, Germany

According to the head stylist Deborah Hill,” We are two stylists and two barbers. Our clients are women, men and children, all hair types. We do everything, except braids and weaves. There are other hairdressers in town that do braids and weaves, but none that do all the other stuff that we do, like relaxers/perms, colour, cuts, and conditioning”. Along with her partner Joan Dellavalle, these women are well connected with people in the music industry and have done the hair of musicians such as Wyclef Jean and have been invited before backstage to a Beyoncé performance, so you might just find yourself getting your hair done at the same salon as a celebrity!

Afro Hair Care In Brussels, Belgium

According to blogger American Black Chick in Europe, “If you’re in Brussels/visiting Brussels, Chaussee de Wavre is lined with shops that sell black hair care products (and salons should you ever have the need for one). Take the Metro to Porte de Namur. Walk a short way up Chaussee d’Ixelles and take the first left down Chaussee de Wavre. If you pass the McDonald’s on Chausse d’Ixelles, you’ve gone too far.”

Afro Hair Care In Copenhagen, Denmark

It is also interesting to know that in 2002, Copenhagen hosted The Copenhagen Hair Festival because that was the year Afro hairdressing techniques would be introduced into hairdressing institutions there. Visiting hair care students attending the show had the pleasure of swapping ideas with the Danish students.

Afro Hair Care In Milan and Rome, Italy
Milan supposedly has hair care product shops in Stazione Centrale area and between Stazione Centrale, Loreto and via Benedetto Marcello and more mobile hairdressers so you have to look in the yellow pages. Rome, on the other hand, is teaming with shops and salons near Termini and roads going off Via Marsala respectively.

Apparently, most of the African hair shops and salons are to be found close to the train station. This could be more to do with the transport costs involved with importing and exporting of supplies or proximity to clients so they locate them easier. Needless to say, if you find yourself hopelessly lost and without an afro shop or product in sight, enjoy the sightseeing and fashion!

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Afro Hair Care In Paris, France

Too many salons to suggest and the standards leave a lot to be desired. That being said, try Chateau Rouge and Chateau d’Eau, (Line 4) and see for yourself what could suit your needs or immerse yourself in the ethnicity of the surroundings. It goes without saying that where you find a lot of immigrants, it is always abuzz with trade, music, markets, food and hair salons. Perfect sights and sounds if you are homesick.

Afro Hair Care In Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal still shares strong ties with Angola and Mozambique so immigrants that were not born there into slavery but immigrated voluntarily still try to hold on to their heritage and are generally hospitable and easy going.

Afro Hair Care In London, England

You have to love London because it is epitomic of a tripod on the fire with a huge, simmering African pot balancing on it. You watch this pot slowly boil over, with all the numerous, exotic ingredients added together to create the perfect, melting pot of culture stew. It has many faces to it, but depending on which one you want to look at, you can see its beauty or its beast. There are numerous places to get your hair done and the beauty lies in being able to speak English if you come from an English-speaking country. Take a curry in a hurry, grab fish and chips and wash it down with a cuppa tea and some scones.

If not, just do your best to show that you are making an effort and take in the fashion on the street because many British fashion designers of today and in the past, have been inspired by what the people wear on the street. The first name that comes to mind being Mary Quant……………she created the first mini skirt from looking at what the girls wore on the street…..aww! Bless her! Where would we be without you Mary?
For more information about the actual salons visit noscruchie.

Afro Hair Care In Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is the home of ABBA, one of the best bands ever and also the home of Lego building blocks. Many people do not know that it is also very mixed in culture and religion. The 2013 Euro song vision contest was won by Sweden and the singer, Loren is a mixed woman.


It is better to travel to these destinations just before high summer in June or just after summer in August to avoid the extreme heat and congestion. If you happen to be there at that time, book coastal accommodation ahead of your travel. If you happen to come across some immigrant mobile hairdressers on the beach, let them put some colourful beads or thread in your hair….even if your hair is already done! They will appreciate the money you give them because it will go a long way…….and as we all know, they are a long way from home. Happy hair days abroad!

By Fashionista Musa for AfroCosmopolitan.

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