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Afro Hair Care In 12 European Cities


The article, “Afro Hair Care In Europe: A Guide To 12 Cities,” was written by Fashionista Musa for our May/June digital issue and gives a guide on the various places you can find Afro hair care salons and shops across 12 European cities like London, Amsterdam, Brussels and much more.

As a black woman, when you live in Europe or visits, you have to get used to the idea that a majority of the hairdressing salons you’ll come across will not cater for the needs of the African woman and her hair. To be able to style your hair, you need to know the different places you can find salons that cater for the Afro hair.

Most of these salons at also located in areas that are largely inhabited by Africans or where there is a concentration of African businesses.

To help you quickly find a place to style your hair as an African woman, Fashionista took her time in writing this article on how you can find an Afro hairdressing salons in 12 selected European cities.

Check out Fashionista Musa’s article: Afro Hair Care In Europe: A Guide To 12 Cities.

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