A video has emerged of an African pastor that is alleged to be washing away the sins of his congregation with water, detergent and bleach. While the video, posted on YouTube by Short Afro Clips actually show the pastor putting some powdery stuff on his head before using water to wash it off, it does not seem like he was actually using detergent as there was no evidence of foam or bubble.

And it can not be ascertained whether the water he was using was mixed with bleach or not, as that cannot be verified by just watching the video. But the said pastor is alleged to have coerced his church members into drinking petrol as well.

It is no longer news to hear or see videos of African pastors physically abusing their members or asking them to do unthinkable things. And it is well known that the members usually do whatever they are told to do by their pastors with no protest.

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A Nigerian pastor was once recorded on video slapping one of his members and calling her a witch. The young lady replied that she was not a witch but a “Witch for Jesus“. In Ghana, a pastor was seen on a video stepping and stomping on the belly of a heavily pregnant woman. All in a bid to presumably heal her. Such an act could lead to a miscarriage or serious health complications for the unborn child and the mother, but she allowed.

In South Africa, a pastor once commanded his members to eat the grass on the field. The members complied and obediently did what they were told to do without questions.

See the video and more images below.

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