Brigite da Conceição Francisco dos Santos is an Angolan model. She was born in Luanda (formerly known as São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda) the capital and largest city in Angola on October 5, 1989.

In 2008, she contested at Miss World Angola and emerged as the winner. She went on to represent Angola at the Miss World 2008 beauty pageant that took place in Johannesburg on December 13, 2008.

Even though she did not win the competition, she was among the top 5 finalists, and was subsequently awarded the title, Miss World Africa Continental Queen of Beauty.

Miss Santos is the youngest in a family of nine. She is the only female child and has eight brothers. Her motto is, “life is short, so enjoy every moment.”

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During the 2008 Miss World competition, this was her message to her fellow contestants, “It is a special moment and great life experience. So, enjoy this wonderful pageant but we should not forget that we can use this great opportunity to help the people in need.”

According to the Facebook profile of the African model, her best moment was “When I was elected the fourth most beautiful woman in the world.” She also added that she loves swimming, listening to music, reading, watching movies and being with friends.

The beautiful African model was featured on cover of the October 2012 edition of MAXIM, an Angola magazine. See the photo below.

Miss Santos On the Cover Of MAXIM

See one more photo below.

To know more about this African model, visit her Facebook page:

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