In an article titled “Worst Places I’ve Ever Visited – From the Man Who’s Been Everywhere”, and published on Yahoo.con on October 28, 2014, a man who claims to have visited everywhere says Lagos is the worst place to visit on earth. Lee Abbamonte made a list of the worst places he has visited and the Nigerian capital (Lagos) was number one on his list.

Lee Abbamonte is a Yahoo Travel expert and the writer and is alleged to be the youngest American to have visited all 193 member nations of the United Nations. And according to the article, he is the most eligible person to rank the worst places to visit as he has visited almost 200 countries and about to visit 321 out of the 324 countries checked off by the end of the year. Below is an excerpt of Lee’s description of Lagos.

“As far as I am concerned, Lagos, Nigeria, is the worst place on planet Earth. I’ve never experienced so much corruption in my life. It was just a horrific experience getting into the country. Crossing in from Benin, we got shaken down by the border guards. In addition to the multiple police shakedowns, the multiple ATM issues were enough for me; three times in two days, the machines dispensed the wrong amount of money. It was oppressive and hot. I couldn’t tell you one good thing about that place.”

Over the years, there has been a growth in African Megacities and Lagos in Nigeria is one of them – as well as the biggest. As the city grows and the population becomes overwhelming for the available infrastructures and budget, many horrible articles and documentary have been made about the country’s commercial hub. A few years ago, the BBC made a documentary about the former Nigerian capital city titled, “Welcome to Lagos” and showcased all the ghettos and struggling of the people living in Lagos’ slum.

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To read Lee’s full article on Yahoo, visit this link.


  1. Next time you need to be more prepared when you go to Nigeria? Try to think & live like a Nigerian instead of Westerner?

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