Two Ghanaian models have won a space on Vogue Magazine’s online version after walking the runway at the 2014 edition of ECOWAS Fashion Week that took place in Nigeria. The event was organised in August at the Oriental hotel in Victoria Island in Lagos.

This year seems to be a very great one for the two male models as their careers have been soaring higher and higher. The two models have both been presented with awards for their contribution to African fashion and showcasing African beauty and elegance. The Ghanaian models, Ralph Tetteh and Stephen Owusu were presented with awards at this year’s Ghana Models Awards while Ralph received an extra award at the 2014 edition of Fashion Icon Award. He was crowned Ghana’s Male Model of the Year.

Vogue magazine is seen as the fashion Bible by many. And being featured on the internationally celebrated fashion and lifestyle magazine is no small feat. The magazine is very selective of the people it features and its audience have come to rely on that.

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Earlier this year, when American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian was on the cover of its print edition, many of the magazine’s subscribers were outraged and threatened cancelling their subscriptions. According to them, Kim was not the kind of woman that deserves gracing the cover of the esteemed magazine. American actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the people that threatened cancelling their subscription.

Kim Kardashian and his partner Kanye West graced the cover of the April 2014 issue of Vogue Magazine. Even though their cover received several backlash from readers due to Kim, it went on to become the highest selling issue with much more copies snatched off the shelves than   that of Beyonce Knowles that was rated very high.

The couple’s controversial Vogue cover sold over 500,000 copies beating that of Beyonce that was above 350,000 as well as that of Michelle Obama that was almost 300,000.

ECOWAS Fashion Week is organised by Nigerian Joan Okorodudu who is the CEO of Isis Models Africa. It was sponsored by Arik air and its purpose is to showcase the African fashion industry to the world.


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