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African Fashion: How To Rock Jean Pants With A Simple Top

Check out how to rock jean pants with a simple top by stealing Linda Ikeji’s style. From the many fashion styles and combinations Linda Ikeji has shown over the years, there is no denying the fact that the popular Nigerian blogger is a lover of jean pants and likes to rock it with a simple top. From crop tops to ankara tops and several simple tops, Linda Ikeji has rocked the denim pants in several ways that you can pick some fashion ideas and inspiration from the way she combines her outfits.

It’s difficult to find a young woman who does not own one or more pairs of denim pants. This is because a denim pant is the most popular way women dress casually. But you can also dress up in a pair of jean pants by completing your look with a pair of high heels, pieces of jewellery, purses and other accessories to glam it up for a special occasion.

If you need to look casual chic while wearing your denim pants, finding the right tops to combine with it is very important. The top has to be simple, well fitted to look good on you as well as combines well with your pants.

Below are some images of Linda Ikeji rocking jean pants with a simple top. Check them all out and see which one you can add to your wardrobe. You can also use her style as a source of inspiration to create your own unique tops that you can wear with your jean pants.

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