African Fashion is taking a new form as young African designers are using African prints in stylish and inspirational ways to come up with flamboyant designs.

Some couple of years ago, African prints were used for designing traditional African dresses. Today African designers have changed these designs into global fashionable pieces.  The western fashion industry has fallen in love with the African prints and its designs from Africa.  “The British edition of Vogue magazine has described fashion coming out of Africa as ‘traditional references that continue to inspire.”  Fashion design has become so exposed among young and talented Africans, as many of them are into designs using African prints.

However, there are so many designers now, which make it difficult for the industry to keep track. When we talk of Africa, it does not mean a country. Africa is not a country which means these designs could as well be from diverse countries. We have designs from Nigeria, Somali, Mali, Ethiopia, Cameroon and even Ghana which are very different from each other’s design.  In some countries, designs also differ from one tribe to another. As countries have their own culture and style, so are tribes too.

It is generally known that Africans like to dress loud with so many colours. Today, with a little bit of twist, they even dress louder.  Designers have taken that initiative to put theses colours together to make it even more beautiful.

According Dutch-Ethiopian Tsehai Aarten. “She is about to launch an online platform, Afropolitan Luxury, where African fashion and interior designers can promote their brand and sell their products. “I want to show people the best of Africa. Surprise them by the quality and luxury. The end goal is to help build African luxury labels that will be recognised worldwide.”

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