Ms Tambe & family (Brother left, mother right)

Diana Tambe, the founder of Africa Fashion week Amsterdam, received multiple awards in a row! Just this month, Diana won the “Best Fashion Designer” of the year by ADMA (African Diaspora Merits Awards) as well as the “Emerging African Fashion Designer” of the year by the Voice Achievers Awards.

Diana is a multi-talented Amsterdam-based fashion designer, model and director of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (a company helping fashion designers at every stage of their careers to showcase their creativity and talent on a global stage).

In 2011, Miss Tambe launched her 1st red carpet collection under the Label, Blackpearl’s Secret. In that same year, She introduced the first and only Africa Fashion Week in Amsterdam. Her reason for setting up the fashion week was because, having been designing several seasonal collections since 2010, she realised there was no platform doing justice to her hard work as well as those of other upcoming African fashion designers in the Netherlands.

The first edition of Africa Fashion week Amsterdam was supposed to take place this month but has been cancelled and shifted to spring/summer 2014. The event is scheduled to take place at the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam.

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Ms Tambe Showcasing her collection at London Fashion Week 2012

AFWA, an Amsterdam-based fashion event company, is anticipated to help African and African-inspired fashion designers at every stage of their careers, to showcase their creativity and talent on a global stage. This will be primarily through event management of fashion shows, catwalk displays, workshops and showcase events. Not only will this provide the opportunity for the world to explore new and exciting fashion, but also allows designers to express their creativity within a professionally produced event environment.

This year’s AFWA event was cancelled due to the lack of financial backing. As a result, the organisers are calling on individuals and companies to support them by collaborating with them. Ms Tambe is inviting anyone who wishes to attend the event to give it the magnitude and importance it deserves.

Ms Diana Tambe said, “As you may know, Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is an event very close to my heart. We believe that fashion can be used to inspire and motivate social change. We hope to make it sustainable.”

“My personal objective is to bring my personal contribution to the sustainable development of my country, eventually reducing the rate of unemployment and poverty. As an entrepreneur, part of my duties is to assume all responsibilities for the business, including assets and liabilities. Most youngsters/oldsters in the community look up to me as a source of inspiration,” she added.

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See more photos from the events as well as some of Diana’s collection from Black Pearls Secrets, below.

Ms Diana Tambe & Mr Larry Bate Takang (Award Winners)

 By Gloria


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