British-Nigerian fashion designer, Ade Bakare Couture was one of the fashion houses to showcase its collection at the just concluded 2014 edition of the Native & Vogue Port Harcourt Fashion Week in Nigeria.

Models like Isio Wanogho and Millen Magese were seen strutting the runway while rocking pieces from the London-based designer.

Both men and women’s collection from Ade Bakare’s collection were given a fuse of Adire & tie-dye fabrics. Adire is a popular fabric from the western part of Nigeria.

The women’s collection consisted of fashionable pieces such as dresses, as well as tops and jeans. The men’s collection were a mix of shirts made in Adire print, tunics, as well as shorts. The Ade Bakare’s “Adire Meets Modernity” collection signature was visible in most of the pieces.

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Photo Credit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photography

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