A Few Facts about Relationships You Need to Know

Before hiring a wedding manager, take a closer look at your relationships one more time. What following points apply to you, and what don’t? These 12 facts will help you look at marriage from a new angle.

1. According to statistics, couples who get married at the age of over 23 divorce less

According to various studies, the percentage of divorces among couples entering into marriage at a more conscious age is 30%. And among couples who got married before the age of 23, this number is 60%.

2. After a year of relationship, the attraction decreases

You can’t enjoy each other forever. This is evidenced by the research of the University of Pavia, Italy. After a year of living together, the level of hormones slightly decreases.

3. People can be incompatible in the “child-adult” model of relationships

Let us return in the 1960s and look at Eric Berne’s three-level model of understanding the personality.

Everyone has three states – “parent” (development), “child” (feelings) and “adult” (knowledge). It’s not necessary that both your and your loved one’s states coincided; the main thing is that you complemented each other in these psychological types.

4. The happiest marriages are those between best friends

Marriage leads to an increase in well-being if it’s built on mutual understanding and friendship. In such relationships, we enjoy life.

5. Peers have less chance of divorce

Age differences affect relationships. The greater the difference in age between partners, the more likely they have differences in marriage.

6. One of the conditions for a happy relationship is the ability to rejoice
Imagine the situation: a girl comes home after a hard day at work. She has good news – let’s say she was promoted. There are four possible ways her partner can react:

  • “It’s great, darling, you’ve been going for this for a long time.”
  • The phrase “That’s good news” and a smile.
  • “So you’re going to spend more time there, right?”
  • “Cool. You won’t believe what happened to me today!”

Think about which option will be more acceptable for you.

7. Solving domestic issues unites more than 60% of the couples

One of the decisive factors here is the ability to negotiate in everyday things.

8. Modern man is more demanding to the opposite sex

Psychologist Eli Finkel discovered that marriage in the US evolved in this way: until 1850, marriages were for food, shelter, and protection, until 1965 – for companionship, and after the 1970s – for self-realization through relationships.

9. You can truly know a person only after 10 years of marriage

You don’t know each other as much as you want. Yes, you know what toothpaste your partner uses and
what kind of TV shows they like. But the longer you are together, the stronger your emotional and
intellectual connection is.

10. Material dependence of one partner from another destroys couples

Recent studies conducted at the University of Connecticut showed that a person who depends on a partner financially doesn’t feel safe.

11. Relationships are the path of development

Living in a marriage is a responsibility for each other. If you want harmonious relationships, you need to progress further. We’re all different, with our own ideas about life and differences in the value system.

12. The quality of sex is more important than its quantity
One of the studies showed that the main thing is not about the quantity of sex, but about its quality. The researchers divided heterosexual couples into two groups. Within 90 days half of them had as much sex as they usually do, and the other half had it twice as often as they do. The results of the research showed that the second group felt less happy than usual.

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