Loving Your Curves is one of the first events in the UK to completely focus on the plus size woman. From bridal designers to curvy models, event organisers, beauticians and much more. It was an event to celebrate plus size clothing and designs, see some of the designers influencing fashion for the curvy woman and setting the fashion trends for this sector that was once ignored.

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Some of the models, at the end of the event

The event that took place on September 21st and 22nd at Hotel Verta in London was put together by Kemi Farquharson, the CEO and creative director of Kemiboutique. The place was filled with so many beautiful women. And the most beautiful thing was that they were mostly curvy, confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Kemi and a model after presenting her collection
Nikki Gomez, the event host

The inspiring Loving your Curves runway show was hosted by Nikki Gomez, a plus size model and actress that is also one of the stars on the new American reality TV show “Big Sexy

As an experienced, lively and confident plus size model and media personality, Nikki was able to bring excitement and interest to the show with her skills as well as putting a personal touch with story telling.

From the runway

Some of the designers that showcased their wares on the first day of the event were, KemiBoutique, SimplyBe, Lillian Mayro and Dea London.

From the runway

Besides the runway show, all attendees were treated with a goody bag that contained a copy of SLINK magazine (a magazine for the plus size woman), some gorgeous earrings from EditionUniques, a shower gel from Elemis, and tea samples from Dalgety.

Some of the excited guest lucky enough to receive the pieces from SimplyBe

In addition, some of the lucky guests were able to grab some gorgeous pieces of clothing from simplyBe, while others received some nail treatment from CSG makeup. There were other ladies who were pampered to some bridal body artwork from Bridal Mehndi, while some were given eyelashes treatment by Flutter.

Chantelle Graham Makeup Seminar
Chantelle Graham Makeup Seminar

The event also hosted a range of activities that included a roundtable talk, tips and tricks on beauty that was presented by Chantelle Graham, the CEO of CSG Makeup. During the seminar, Chantelle paid a lot of attention to facial cleansing. She told the ladies it was very important to clean the face in the morning as well as before going to bed.

At the end of Chantelle’s Seminar

Another exhibitor that was at the Loving your Curves show was Long Feet Boutique, a brand that cater for the needs of women with longer feet. There was also Deize Events, an event-planning agency that caters for all round events organisation from decorations to staffing and many more.

Flaunting their goodies from SimplyBe – Left, an attendee, right Faith Kalejaiye of Deizi Events

When Chantelle Graham, the CEO of CSG Makeup and one of the key sponsors was asked about her experience as well as supporting the event, she said, “I would definitely love to have an opportunity to sponsor the event and would recommend it. It has been a good marketing for my business”

Talking about the event and what she like about it, Nagathe Okasha, one of the guest that attended the event said, “at the beginning, everyone sat in a room and we were all talking, I really liked that.” She also said she liked the overall concept and was also enjoying it. “I’ll come here again,” she added.

See more photos from the runway below.

From the runway

Right, Eva Believer and other models

Her with her gift from SimplyBe

Chantelle and Kemi


  1. Hmmmm, was the event for children as well? Some parents, i hail. They take their kids to events made for adults. Unbelievable! The event was not bad though, at least, for a first timer.

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