A foundation is often confused with a charitable or non-profit organization. Charities operate from donations and often have volunteer workers. They usually have a specific goal in mind such as feeding hungry people or providing services to those that cannot afford them, but all charities are dependent upon donations. A Non-profit organization may or may not be categorized as a charity, but all organizations with this designation are not operating to make a profit.

How do foundations differ?
Foundations do not attempt to make a profit, but they do not operate as a charitable organization. They are simply an organization that has money, and this money is used to fund various groups. Although a foundation may give money to a charity, there are other types of organizations that benefit from funding from a foundation.

Foundations fund new charities that they create
A foundation may give to a charity, but just a common is when a foundation will create a charity and then fund it. The reason for this is that the man or woman that created the foundation may have a particular cause that they want to support. It may be a disease that they want to see more research done for, or perhaps an area of suffering that they see in society that needs a charity to address. There are many problems in society, and foundations can address problems that few, if any, charities have addressed in the past.

Foundations fund public policy organizations
Many foundations will create a think tank that is composed of men and women who are attempting to develop solutions to problems in society. These solutions are often implemented by a government, so this is the reason for funding organizations such as think tanks: not only to develop solutions but also to advocate for their implementation.

Foundations fund the fine arts
Whether it is an orchestra, sculpture, dance or paintings, foundations are well known for providing grant money to organizations promoting the arts in the United States. Many organizations cannot operate without outside help. This includes museums and art galleries that need the money to help provide exhibitions of art for new and old artists throughout the country and the world.

What a particular foundation supports has a lot to do with its founder. Foundations will always reflect the values and interests of the man or woman who started the organization. In some cases, the foundation will have a narrow focus, while others may provide a range of support with its money. One example of this type of foundation is the Rosenkranz foundation. Created by Robert Rosenkranz , it provides funds to organizations devoted to public policy as well as those involved in higher education and the arts.

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