The 7th Africa Day “Afrika Tage” festival organised in Dusseldorf, Germany is scheduled to take place on the 3 – 5 August 2012.

 7th Africa Day Dusseldorf - Open Air Festival 3 - 5 August 2012
7th Africa Day Dusseldorf

In the past ( retrospective ), the organizers have been able to deepen their various program offerings by reinforcing the impressions of visitors and participants in terms of African culture. As part of the “7 Africa-day Düsseldorf ” they plan to offer the audience next to the music and cultural program on the stage again proven sporting, political, social and environmental issues through articles, workshops, lectures and discussion forums. 

They want to promote tolerance and understanding of world cultures. Many program items are already among the well-established components of the Africa Day Dusseldorf, such as the World Mobile – What is water, a street soccer tournament, with the motto “Street Football for integration , fair play and tolerance.

” In a lot of times the request and by the strong response of the visitors, and the church with the gospel choir on Sunday is an integral part of the Africa-day Düsseldorf  festival. For the first time, the organizers want to target a separate event tent with lectures, films and discussion forums on political and cultural issues that affects the visitors. 

This particularly includes nutritional counseling, environmental protection, “hazardous waste into Africa from Europe,” Climate Project “Solar Energy” and the theme of “circumcision of women in Africa and Europe”.

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Source: Enije

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