They say “dynamite comes in small packages”. They also say “the bigger the better!” According to Huffington Post, IMG models has just recently taken on 5 new models and they are all plus size and drop dead gorgeous!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the managing Director of IMG, Ivan Bart talked about “an ageless, ‘raceless’, weightless agency.” He added further, “With this new way of thinking, I can tell women who work so hard to get into the sample size, ‘Eat! Be yourself, just be the best you can be — exactly how you are!’ For us, as long as the talent is at a healthy weight that he or she and his or her doctor believe is right for them, and they’re exercising, since that’s a healthy way of life, then the industry should reflect that.” With that positive statement in mind, below are 7 beautiful, black women that are fighting for this cause and they do it through words and image. By practising what they preach, the are redefining fashion for the curvy woman in style and confidence.

1. Gabi Fresh

Gabi is a vibrant 25-year-old, plus size blogger that is very passionate about fashion for the fuller figure. Her posts are mostly images of herself and other curvy women wearing some amazing colour coordinated outfits and accessories that flatter and accentuate the body in all the right places. Her two college majors were International Relations and African American studies.

This fine sister exudes self-confidence and a zest for life with each transformation achieved by each outfit. This plus size blogger posts and shares tips and spots to get the same look. Her blogger profile describes her as “a Fashion, health & beauty loving curvy girl whose obsessions include nail polish, top knots, horizontal stripes, green juice and challenging the status quo.” We are fascinated by Gabi because she does not talk about diets or criticise other peoples’ bodies. Her philosophy is “Remember that cultivating your inner beauty is so much more important than anything you can buy at a store or any number on a scale.”

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2. Curvy Fashionista by Marie Denee

Marie is a gorgeous, voluptuous style expert that has lived in Japan, England, and Hawaii and is now based in the Los Angeles Bay area. She holds a prestigious MBA in Marketing and has been in the retail industry for about 15 years. She is another plus size blogger whose style and image are a true reflection of her background as she really knows how to combine colours and styles that many women would be afraid to put together due to the effect they can create.

She describes herself as “…someone who is keenly aware of and in touch with the plus size community and the fabulous world of plus size fashion”. This smart fashionista has her own blog and has contributed to several glossies such as Vogue Curvy, Seventeen, and In Style, just to name a few. One interesting fact about Marie is that she can speak Japanese…! the

3. Musings of a Fatshionista by Christina Lewis

This 24-year-old freelance graphic designer hails from Takoma, Maryland. She started blogging after being exposed to other blogs and about fashion and ended up being inspired to launch her own. In her own words, Christina says, “I want to have

In her own words, Christina says, “I want to have a space where size isn’t an issue. Where people can come meet and be inspired by other fashionable people. I want to let people know that you can be just as fashionable as the next person. I love to pair hard with soft, structured, with whimsical, vintage with a trashy edge etc. I think those combinations make for an interesting visual.” She confesses about her passion for fashion and how she is a shopaholic, mostly because she is always curious to see what else she can buy to combine with something already in her wardrobe. An endearing trait in this plus size blogger is the way she enjoys her readers’ comments and is surprised that she has never received hate mail but looks forward to the day she does!

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4. Je ne sais quoi by Jeniese Williams

Jeniese Williams is in her thirties and lives in Alabama. Her blog is directed at women that have no regrets and do not apologise for what or how they look. According to Jeniese, “I created my blog as a way to express my love for fashion and beautiful things. I also started as a challenge to myself to continue to pursue my fashion which is my true passion”. To her, the whole experience is a journey and it gives her a lot of pleasure to have readers that want to enjoy it with her. This plus size blogger shows you how you can change one look for different occasions by mixing and matching. Jeniese also likes “food, football and having fun”. Je ne sais quoi

5. Chastity from San Francisco

This curvy bombshell is thirty something and is based in California. She started off blogging as a means to facilitate her image consulting business. But it took over and became a full-time job. Her blog, Garner style has featured on, New York Times and Elle magazine. Chastity loves leopard print and red shoes as well as being able to depict how a plus size woman can look good in style. Plus size blogger, Chastity is fond of monochrome outfits and flaunts her figure by mixing pastels with prints and stripes. She is redefining fashion because she is not afraid to try new things and encourages her readers to be fearless. Garner Style

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6. Bella Styles

Bella Styles is a fashion show coordinator/stylist and blogger, as well as the executive fashion editor for Skorch magazine. She uses her blog to keep her readers updated on latest trends as well as whatever is going on in entertainment, beauty and travel. Her work has been published in different media, namely Ebony magazine and a TV show. The admirable quality in this plus size blogger is the fact she took advantage of her plus size to model as well as host shows and workshops to promote the concept of beauty – not having anything to do with size.

7. Fatshopaholic by Tiffany Tucker

At 22 years of age and studying English as a major, Tiffany is already a media household name. This plus size blogger has written for Plus Model magazine, Time Out Chicago magazine and her quote has been used in The New York Times. Her writing style is candid, to the point, and she just talks about things like she is writing a personal diary or talking to a friend. For example, in describing herself she says, “Hello everybody, I’m Tiffany. I love music, books, and fashion. I

‘m a bit awkward at first, but get to know me and soon you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get to know me sooner! :-)” . What is so inspiring to see in her posts is how she radiates happiness and confidence as well as that youthful enthusiasm. FATSHOPAHOLIC

We love all these plus size bloggers because they all love themselves and teach others to do the same, regardless of shape or size.

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This article was written by Fashionista Musa and showcases the 7 plus size bloggers that have been redefining fashion for plus size women. These women love their curves and are proud to showcase it. They do this by using themselves and other plus size women as their muse to showcase the many ways a curvy woman can dress and look good at all times. While these women are all black and plus size bloggers, they have their individuals styles and have inspired a lot of curvy women to become more fashionable and dress to fit their curvy bodies.


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