Imagine a world where one size fits all and everyone wears the same size and has exactly the same body shape and profile. There is no doubt that it would not be a very exciting world to live or shop in, because as we all know, variety is the spice of life. In past years, the leaner figure has been in the spotlight as being the more fashionably accepted figure but now, thanks to fuller figured beauties such as Kim Kardashian, Monique, Sophie Dahl and many others, this stereotype is drastically changing. Plus size men and women now appear frequently on magazines and fashion shows as well as movies and other media more than ever before. Society realizes that the plus size model has the profile that the average person can relate to more than say…a supermodel! Below are 5 elegant and chic evening dresses with style variation that every plus size woman needs to have in her wardrobe. There is nothing more sensual and sexy than seeing a plus size woman dressed in a flattering outfit that accentuates the curves and exudes pride and confidence.

1. Sexy Little Black Dress

This is a must have in any case because it is a classic piece and as a colour, it is very slimming and can be mixed with other colours such as red, green, yellow or other contrasting colours. You can dress up or down by adding accessories or wear it to work with a smart jacket, then on its own later for drinks after work with your colleagues or a spontaneous get together with friends in town. Black is ideal because of its ability not to show dirt or stains that would require an immediate change with any other colour.

2. Racy Red Cocktail Dress

Red is a colour that draws a lot of attention and depicts power. It shows that you are not afraid to be the centre of attention. But if you prefer to keep it subtle, opt for a burgundy shade or add some green and a bit of white or just a hint of black to relieve the intensity. Avoid the red from head to toe look as this can be too intimidating to people that might want to approach you, because “less is more!”

3. Dashing Dinner Dress

This piece almost always has to be long and flowing to give you the feeling of luxury and sensuality. An ideal style is the Grecian goddess look with shoulder straps to show off curvy shoulders and an empire waistline to enhance cleavage. If you prefer to cover your arms, opt for an elegant shawl or a bolero type coat to keep you warm if it is a chilly evening. Complete the look with a delicate clutch purse to put your essentials in, as well as comfortable heels that will ensure to lift the hem of your dress slightly off the ground so you do not trip on your dress when walking. This look can also be worn at a wedding or red carpet event.

4. Sizzling Summer Evening Dress

If you are on a tropical island or at a summer event and need to stay cool, rather go for a sleeveless dress so as to avoid embarrassing sweaty armpit stains (especially if you wear silk or satin!). A lot of people might not be aware of this but maxi dresses can actually keep you cooler than a short dress. You also protect your legs from the sun if the event starts before the sun goes down. As sexy as Marilyn Monroe looked in the iconic “subway dress” with the wind blowing her dress up, you cannot be guaranteed that that is how you will appear to the crowd in a short dress and a gust of wind catches you by surprise. If it is a beach setting, rather choose a light sarong dress with a thin lining that will conceal your beach wear till it is time to get into the water.

5. Dazzling Disco Dress

Last but not the least! This look usually requires as much sparkle as possible so you can feel like the star that you are and will ensure that you shining brightly throughout the night. Again, a clutch purse is recommended but rather one with a wrist strap so you can move freely while dancing. It is also important to choose comfortable shoes to ensure that you have an enjoyable night without painful or blistered feet from extremely high heels or the lack of ankle support. Ideally, this dress needs to have stretch fibre to allow you to move freely and to avoid any wardrobe mishap that will send you home earlier than you would have intended. Unless you are at a highly respectable ball and meeting with the royal family, choose a length that is short enough to ensure you do not show your undergarments when you sit or bend over to pick something up.

All in all, these 5 pieces should be sufficient for you to be covered for any evening event at any given time and will ensure you a compliment filled evening that will give you more confidence!

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This article was written by Fashionista Musa for our May/June digital issue and shows 5 ways in which plus size women can dress for an evening outing.


  1. They’re all very gorgeous dresses. gone are the days plus size women find it difficult to find nice looking dresses in their size. The rise of plus size fashion has really done a lot to change that.

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