Apart from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, The Hague is also in support of a general pardon for asylum children. The City Council voted with a call from the PvdA and GreenLinks.

The Hague, just, like the three other major cities, will be at the Cabinet of -Mark Rutte to insist that foreign minors who have been living in the Netherlands and have grown in the Dutch system may continue to live in the Netherlands. At the moment, more than 145 Dutch municipalities are also now in support of the rally calling for a general pardon for asylum children.

Only the Hague council fractions of the VVD, CDA, and PVV, the three parties that the formed the coalition government, voted against the call for a child pardon.

The collective call of cities supporting this rally follows an initiative law policy that was recently submitted to the parliament by the ChristenUnie and the PvdA. Here they called Gerd Leers Minister from Immigration and Asylum for a general pardon for asylum children.

The initiative is also supported by almost 150,000 Dutch citizens who have signed a petition from GroenLinks.

Source: AD


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