Until recently, imperfection wasn’t the easiest thing to engineer in a manufactured product. With 3D printing, however, it’s simple to create a digital design file that mimics the intricacy of our natural world. That’s exactly what Amsterdam-based designer Maria Cichy and the Freshfiber team did with their “Volcanic Rock” collection, which takes the look of cooled lava rock and transposes it onto a line of fashionable accessories. Their 3D-printed rings, laptop bags, phone cases, and belts have a porous, irregular texture that is actually crafted from durable nylon, but doesn’t look man-made at all. The latest 3D-printing processes (such as selective laser sintering, or SLS) and filament materials have allowed for a quicker turnaround and stronger pieces. Below, we’ve shared the latest printing developments that have transformed the high fashion world.

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