The tweet above went viral after Samantha Parsons shared the accompanying photos with the caption: “today while babysitting, I was putting on mascara & my 3 year old niece asked if I could do her makeup too.”

Many people on Twitter were confused and were wondering whether the person in the photos was actually her 3-year-old niece, Monroe – or a 73-year-old granny. The photos were then retweeted thousands of times by internet users who were not sure of what to believe.

It turned out, the person in the pictures is actually Samantha’s 3-year-old niece, Monroe – who she transformed to an old woman with the help of her great makeup skills.

After going viral, Samantha interviewed 3-year-old Monroe and asked her how she feels about being famous. “i feel happy, happy, happier. I feel happy,” the little girl said with smiles.





See the video of little Monroe’s interview below.

Below are photos of Monroe without her makeup.



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