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Daily Archives: February 19, 2012

Oops! Octavia Spencer Takes a Spill at the NAACP Awards

Oops, this is so sad watching Octavia Spencer take a spill off the stage as she lost her footing. At her latest stop on the awards show circuit, Octavia Spencer found herself in need of a little help. While posing for pictures at Friday’s NAACP Image Awards, Spencer lost her footing and took a spill off the stage. But the actress, ...

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Photo of the Day: Chinese Woman Grabs President Obama’s Butt During Visit

This is so hilarious. A chinese woman entertained and amused herself by grabbing president Obama’s butt while he was on a visit there. The woman woman smiled as she grabbed the butt but kudos to the US president, Barack Obama for keeping his cool while the woman was at it.

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Norway: Study Show Ethnic Discrimination Common Among Employers

A study in Norway has shown that Ethnic discrimination is common among employers resulting to immigrants not getting jobs they are qualified for. Report has shown that Job seekers with Norwegian names stand a much better chance of getting a job than applicants with more unfamiliar names. A recent study carried out by Arnfinn H. Midtbøen from the Institute for ...

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Norway: Teenage Asylum Seeker stabbed to Death

Norway: Teenage asylum seeker stabbed to death as he was unable to survive the injuries even after being rushed to the hospital. On Wednesday the 15th of February 2012, a man was charged over an incurable stabbing of a teenage asylum seeker in Sandnes, South-Western Norway. According to the police, the teenager was stabbed in the chest in an outdoor area at the Dale ...

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Rokhaya Diallo – Black, French and Fight Against Racism

French activist, writer and television and radio commentatorRokhaya Diallo, 33, is a new force in the country’s media. The author of the recently released book “Racisme Mode D’emploi” (A Racism User Guide), Diallo created Les Indivisibles (The Indivisible), an organization which uses humour to fight racism. On May 23, the organization will present its annual Y’a Bon Awards, which highlights ...

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