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“Russian Obama” Faces Black Rival

This article was posted in EuroMight in 2009 but we decided to post it here as a source of inspiration for other Africans living in Russia and the whole of Europe. We believe it is a source of inspiration for those who have the “we can do it spirit.” Russia could soon see the first black man take public office ...

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Lydia Besong in Fight Against Deportation From The UK

Lydia Besong fight against deportation. The Cameroonian playwright and her human rights campaigner husband are fighting with all they have to stay in the UK

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A mother killed her two sons in Aalst, Belgium

A mother killed her two sons

A mother with a Dutch nationality living in Aalst Belgium, has taken the lives of her two sons. The woman is originally from Angola.  According to reports, Mrs Landustrie has been having illusions of her children being devils and vampires who want to drink her blood. She abused the children for over two hours before they died. She beat and ...

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Luckiest Nigerians!

Luckiest Nigerians Escape Death in Asia

Four Nigerians identified as Ugochukwu Emmanuel Innocent, Udeh Innocent Chukwuemeka, Olisa Kelvin Chukwuka and Mgbeajuo Alex Chigoz have been very lucky.  These men, are alleged to have been trafficking drug into Malaysia. They are alive today because they were caught in Nigeria. In Malaysia, drug trafficking is usually purnished by death and the have become the luckiest Nigerians because they were not ...

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