When you have a baby girl, you’ll be constantly on the look for cute hairstyles to make for her. They are the best ways to make sure a black child is always looking good without causing so much stress for the mother. Especially the very busy ones. If you’re looking for a daily style for your little one, you have to make sure it takes very little time.These

Below, we have put together, these hairstyles for kids that are easy and will take only a couple of minutes to do. They are good for everyday styling of your child and you do not need to be a hair stylist or have any hairstyling skills or training to be able to do them. Check them all out to make sure your baby girl is always looking good without costing you hours.

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  1. Woven Long Ponytail


This hairstyle in the middle is easy to make for children with all hair types. The only condition needed to achieve this style is long hair. Just part the hair in the middle section, weave separately to the end of the head and join them together and weave as a single pony.

2. Minnie Mouse Bun


Just like the hairstyle above, separate the child’s hair into two equal parts. But instead of weaving it, just tie the bottom firm with an elastic hair band or ribbon and make two Minnie mouse like a pony from them. Viola! And your child is set to go.

3. Sock Bun – Hairstyles For Kids


This hairstyle is also very easy to make and will look good on your little girl. But their hair has to be a bit lot in order to achieve this style. Check here for a more in-depth tutorial on how to make this hairstyle for your little girl.

4. Simple Cornrows with a Bun


If you know how to weave, this simple cornrow hairstyle will take you a few minutes to make and you kid will look very cute in it. Just separate the hair into 4 or 5 parts and weave all of them towards the middle. Only weave midway and secure the rest together with an elastic hair band or ribbon to form a beautiful bun.

5. Mini Buns – Hairstyles For Kids


This is another cute and easy hairstyle for kids and it goes well for babies with short hair. Just separate hair into 4 or 5 equal parts and secure with an elastic hair band. Finish the look by adding colourful decorative hair bands.

6. Updo Bun

easy-styles-for-kids-black-hairstyles-afrocosmopolitan-comThis is another beautiful and easy hairstyle that will take you a few minutes to make for your little girl. To have the kind of full updo bun in this photo, you’ll need a bun extension to add.

7. Minnie Mouse 3


This is another Minnie mouse style that is easy to make for your little. For this style, instead of cutting a straight parting, you’ll slant the line to give it a different look.

See three more cute and easy hairstyles for kids below.


Very simple updo hairstyle that will take very little of your time especially when you need to get to work on time and your kid needs to go to school and also look neat and super cute.


This one will look too cute and gorgeous on kids with soft and curly hair. Also very, very easy to style.


This style is good for kids with super long hair. But you can still achieve a great result with average hair length by adding hair extension to it. It is also super easy to style and will take a few minutes of your time.


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